Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Does Primal Eating Really Work For Losing Weight?

If you are currently making an effort to lose weight, you are certainly not alone, as this is something that thousands of others are trying to do each day as well; at the same time, however, most of these people who are "trying to lose weight" end up finding no success whatsoever - and one of the reasons is that, quite simply, the approaches they are taking to weight loss give them no real chance of achieving success.

One of the approaches to weight loss that is growing in popularity in recent years is "primal eating," which basically calls for people to revert back to the sort of eating our hunter/gather ancestors indulged in - which, essentially, means no grains, no processed sugars, and no processed foods in general.

The scientific thinking behind this approach to weight loss is really quite simple as well: basically, the human body takes carbohydrates and turns them into glucose (i.e., sugar), and when the body has an excessive amount of sugar in the bloodstream, it uuses insulin to get rid of all this sugar; this has two side effects, with the first being that the removal of sugar causes a "sugar crash," therby causing you to want to replace it in order to get more energy, and with the second being that insulin is now no longer to perform its other function, which is to burn your stored fat for energy!

Of course, the question that arises from this is whether or not this lifestyle actually works for helping a person lose weight - and the answer is that, if you stick to the prescribed eating regimen, it absolutely does work, enabling you to eat all the meats, veggies, and (within reason) nuts, and fruits you want to eat, while losing plenty of weight!

There are different approaches to weight loss that are best for different people, but if you are looking for something new to try, primal eating is certainly one that is worth looking into!

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