Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Benefits Of Green Tea

Plenty of people include coffee as part of their daily routine, and while coffee is certainly not bad for you (that is - it's certainly not bad for you when you skip the cream and sugar!), there is still at least one option that is better than coffee, and it is green tea.

Out of all the benefits to drinking green tea, the biggest of all is that it is an antioxidant; this means that it keeps some of the bad cells in your body from getting the oxygen that causes them to make you sick - in other words, green tea (when made part of your daily routine) will effectively act as a "sickness prevention" supplement.

Additionally, green tea provides your body with energy, which makes it a good stand-in for coffee; while you will not get nearly as much caffeine from a single cup of green tea as you would from a cup of coffee, you can either double-up on green tea (after all, there is nothing wrong with drinking it throughout the day!), or you can even use it as a way to lower your caffeine intake.

Many people also feel more relaxed when they drink green tea; in addition to the calming effects of enjoying a hot drink, green tea is not nearly as acidic or strong as coffee, which makes it a much more soothing indulgence.

Green tea tastes great and is widely available at inexpensive prices, and you can prepare it in a variety of ways; one of the best (and most soothing) ways to prepare green tea is also one of the simplest: simply prepare water to your desired temperature, steep your tea bag in the water, then add a spoonful of honey and enjoy!

Regardless of whether you are looking for a replacement for coffee or are simply wanting to find a new treat you can add every once in a while, green tea is a great thing to try; you might even end up with a new favorite drink!

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