Friday, May 23, 2014

Three Healthy Mid-Morning Snacks

The fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is probably not lost on you (after all, it is the first thing you eat after sleeping all night, and it is necessary for providing you with energy at the start of the day), but what you might not have thought about is the importance of that mid-morning snack you tend to have. Many people get hungry enough to indulge in a little snack at some point between breakfast and lunch, and because it is not technically a "meal," they do not pay much attention to exactly what it is they are eating; they end up grabbing something from the vending machine and they think nothing of it, but you should make sure your mid-morning snack is something beneficial!

Fruit: Fruit is easy to bring with you to work, and it will give you the energy and the nutrition you need in order to keep going through the morning; what's more, fruit is inexpensive (certainly far less expensive than going to the vending machine each morning!), and it is easy to eat on the go.

Cheerios: Oats are good to put into your body, as they will give you energy and help lower your bad cholesterol; by bringing a baggie of Cheerios (or another favorite cereal) with you to work, you will have something healthy and easy to snack on halfway through the morning.

Yogurt: If you have a refrigerator in the office where you work, yogurt is a great snack to add to the middle of your morning; plain yogurt (with no sugar!) is the healthiest option, and you can add a bit of flavor and sweetness to your yogurt (without sacrificing the health benefits) by stirring in some honey before you start to eat.

When you start to pay attention to the foods you are eating in the middle of the morning, you will start to see a big difference - not only in the way you feel as far as health, but also in the way you feel as far as energy for the rest of the day!

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