Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Foods That Are Easy On You Stomach When Pregnant

Sometimes when you are in the early part of pregnancy eating any type of food can be torture. There are some foods that can be easy on the stomach and healthy for you at the same time. Here are are a few suggestions that may help you find some foods that will work for you.

Queasy stomaches sometimes do well with fresh fruits. Things like oranges, and strawberries may or may not sit well with you. The acidity may be a bit high for some people, but if you can eat them they are very high in vitamin c and also foliate. If these are too acidic for you, try things like bananas (which are high in foliate, and potassium), and avocado.

If you can't quite stomach the idea of a burger and need protein, reach for yogurt. Both high in proteins and also boasting probiots, yogert can definately benefit your health. The probiotics can also assist in preventing yeast infections that plague some women during pregnancy. Another thing you can eat is a fortified hot cereal such as Malt-o-meal. Just getting down a serving of Malt-o-meal will give you good start on your daily requred amount of protein, iron, and foliate.

Mild tasting lentils are also something worth trying out. Pregnant women despirately need protein, iron, and fiber and lentils boast all of these things. A newer grain called quinoa is also a great option. Like Lentils quinoa is high in protein, iron, and fiber.  This also has a very mild nutty taste that is pleasing to the taste. A nice hot breakfast can be made with quinoa if you add a handfull of raisins and a bit of brown sugar.

If you can stomach figs they can be a good source of both iron and fiber. Sweeter fruits can sometimes stay down more easily. A hand full of nuts can also be an easy small snack that carries some decent nutrition. They are high in fiber, protein, and also contain omega fatty acids.

It is important for a pregnant woman to try her best to heat healthy during all parts of her pregnancy. This can be incredibly hard to do when nothing you eat sits right. Some of these foods may be a bit easier on your stomach.

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