Thursday, May 29, 2014

Preventing Concussions During Athletics the Easy Way

Concussions are rampant in sports today and are one of their biggest issues. These injuries are becoming increasingly prevalent in all types of athletic activities. Football and hockey are two sports that involve high speed contact and their players are at the largest risk. The constant high speed contact that occurs means that body parts are absorbing tremendous amounts of force. Traditionally low contact sports are experiencing serious concussions as well. Recently baseball player Justin Morneau was held out of games for an entire year due to a concussion he suffered.

A very serious injury, concussions can be quite frightening. The brain rattles around inside the skull when someone suffers from this injury. A loss of consciousness is usually associated with the initial collision that causes the injury. There can be even more serious effects after the initial injury occurs. Those that have suffered from them describe the feeling of being in a fog. They cannot do much more than lay in their home since any type of exertion is hard to tolerate. Even though the concussion dilemma is strikingly large they are not really understood.

A tried and true way of lowering the risk of a concussion is by using a mouth guard during athletic activity. A gel strapless mouth guard that is designed to absorb a majority of impact was designed by the company Shock Doctor. This can be the difference between suffering a concussion and emerging from an impact relatively unscathed. A breathing channel is also included in the mouth guard to help you breathe normally while playing.

The absence of a mouth guard while playing sports is a very high risk habit to get into. In order to make sure that you do not suffer from a concussion or many other injuries to the teeth they need to be used. Extensive research was used and dissected in order for Shock Doctor to design a mouth guard that was highly efficient at preventing a concussion. If you want to match the uniform you are wearing they are even available in many colors.

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