Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Good Dinner Foods To Pack For A Backpacking Trip

If you are planning to take a backpacking trip that will last only one night, you will probably be fine to bring nothing but high energy "snack foods" with you on the trail, as these will keep you going until you finish your trip, but if you are going to be going for a longer period of time, you will need something more substantive at least once per day. The problem, of course, is that these foods that are more substantive are often heavier and perishable as well; if you follow these tips, however, you will be able to bring some lightweight, healthy, filling foods for those longer backpacking trips.

Tuna fish: When it comes to getting a lot of energy and nutrition in a small package, it is tough to beat tuna; tuna has the additional benefit of being able to be eaten raw, if you do not have a camping stove with you or decide not to build a fire one night. When you bring tuna on the trail with you, make sure you avoid the mistake many people make of bringing canned tuna; get the packaged tuna, as this will weigh less, will not require you to bring along a can opener, and will not force you to figure out how you are going to dispose of that pesky can.

ratwursts: If you are going to be backpacking for several weeks, bratwursts will not be a great food to take along with you, but if you are only going to be going for two or three days, bratwursts will keep in your pack without ice, and they will be a great treat for you to look forward to at the end of the day.

Dehydrated foods: Finally, for trips that will be lasting a while, you should bring dehydrated foods; with dehydrated potatoes, beans, and even meats, you will be able to carry complete meals with you on your backpacking adventure, without loading down your pack with an excess of weight.

Rather than going for the fancy, high-priced options that actually give you a lot less nutrition and energy than you need on the trails, go with these options, you can replenish your body at the end of each day on the trail without going broke in the process!

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