Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First Aid Necessities For Backpacking And Hiking

If you are planning to take any sort of hiking or backpacking adventure - regardless of whether you plan for it to be a short journey or a lengthy one - you should also plan to bring with you some basic first aid supplies. After all, the last thing you want is to end up in the middle of nowhere without the supplies you need - and when you are out on the trail, you never know what might end up happening to you.

Ibuprofen or asprin are two of the most important things for you to have with you, as it will not be unusual for you to need some pain relief. Another thing that is extremely useful to have with you is some sort of ointment or cream for soothing burns and bug bites.

Of course, you are probably already aware of the fact that you will want to bring bandages with you, but you may not realize just how far you should go to prepare in this area. Not only should you have plenty of basic bandages, but you should also have bandages such as eye bandages and butterfly bandages so that you can be prepared for anything you might encounter. Furthermore, disinfectant creams and alcohol swabs will be important for you to have so that you can clean cuts and abrasions before you apply your bandages.

Any good first aid kit will also have in it something that can protect you from the sun, as well as from sun damage. Not only is sunscreen a must, but you also ought to have some sort of lip balm and skin cream that can soothe any pain the sun has inflicted upon you.

Cooling packs are also good to bring with you, as you never know when you will need to "put ice on something." When you have a cooling pack, you will be able to put ice on something even when you do not have any ice with you.

There are a lot of less basic, more specialized materials that are useful to have - in addition to these basic materials - in your first aid kit. And a great thing to do instead of trying to pack an entire first aid kit yourself is to spend $20 on the first aid kit from First Aid Only, and to then have everything you could possibly need!

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