Friday, May 23, 2014

Two Painless Methods For Becoming a Runner


If you've hoped you could get into running, but found the initial workouts to be too difficult, take heart. It's common for new runners to push themselves too hard in initial workouts, which makes them give up because they feel so miserable. The best way to evolve from walking to running is to gradually run more and walk less so that the exercise sessions are never too difficult. These methods won't transform you into a runner immediately, but they'll help you build up to running in such a way that the workouts will never feel like they are too much.

Use a stopwatch to become a runner. This is the most cost effective way to ease your way into running. When working out, start out by walking to warm up. Then pick up the pace, going into an easy run and jogging along until you feel like it's getting too hard to be pleasurable. Pay attention to how long you were able to run while feeling comfortable. Don't feel bad if it's only half a minute. Just slow to a walk, and using your timewatch, walk for twice the amount of time you ran comfortably. Alternate running and walking in this manner, always walking double the length of your run time. Over time you'll want to reduce your walking time to equal your running time, then half of your running time, until you feel you can run and enjoy it without walking at all.

Another way to ease into running is to use a heart rate monitor as a trainer. A heart rate monitor will help you determine how difficult the running and walking segments of your workout really are. Take the time to figure out what your fat burning heart rate zone is, and then start your exercise session by walking. Once you are warm, run until you are well into your fat burning zone. Once you hit heart rate numbers in the upper part of your range, slow down and walk for a while, just until your heart rate reaches the bottom of your fat burning zone. Then run untll your heart rate peaks, and then walk again, keeping up this pattern so you'll have a challenging but managable workout. Keep this up until you can run but stay inside your fat burning heart rate zone for an entire thirty minutes without walking.

Both of these training methods are slow but steady ways to become a runner.

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