Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tips For Battling Exhaustion

A lot of people will feel tired, and will say that they feel "exhausted," but when it comes to being exhausted (and when it comes to battling exhaustion), you should realize that this is distinctly different from being tired, as exhaustion comes as the result of exertion. And understanding the distinction between these two forms of being tired is important because of the fact that the approach to overcoming the problem is different on both sides; while sleep or coffee might help you overcome tiredness, you will want to counter exhaustion in a slightly different manner - and the first step to knowing how to conquer your exhaustion is knowing what kind of exhaustion it is!

Mental exhaustion: Mental exhaustion usually ends up setting in at times when you actually have no choice but to continue working, no matter how exhausted your mind is; when you are in one such situation - where you have a deadline to meet, but are feeling mentally exhausted - continue working, but give yourself five minutes (or even ten minutes!) out of every hour for getting up and walking around, giving yourself a bit of a break.

Physical exertion: You should rest your body if the reason you feel exhausted is because of physical exertion, and you should realize that - although coffee will not help you - a bit of sleep will do you some good; taking a power nap of about an hour and a half will probably leave you feeling a whole lot better.

Exhaustion of both: If mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion have attacked you at the same time, you will be in a tough position, and your best bet will be to simply push back the deadline you are supposed to be meeting - otherwise, the work you try to do will suffer, and it will hurt you in the long run!

There are plenty of times in life when exhaustion is unavoidable, and when you run into exhaustion, you will want to make sure you know what you can do in order to make it go away.

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