Sunday, May 18, 2014

Core Workouts That Really Work

Have you wanted to get back your six-pack, but just haven't made it happen? Core muscle strength is essential for good balance and posture. These core exercises will tighten your abs and improve your posture.

Do the good old sit up and crunch routine. These stand bys are reliable as can be because they work your abs steadily. Make sure you ground your lower back, gently support your neck with your fingertips, and lift and lower slowly and steadily, without jerking, as you sit all the way up for sit ups and lift partway for crunches.

When you're sick of sit ups, move into the position to do the bicycle. Lie on the ground, but bend your knees and lift them in the air. Lift your upper body and touch your opposing elbow and knee. Then twist and touch the other opposing elbow and knee. Continue this movement in a smooth pattern.

Challenge your core muscles by lifting your legs and then lowering them. Remain on your back, but stretch your legs out in front of your and palce your arms whereever comfortable. Keeping your lower back solidly on the ground, lift both legs, slowly, until they point to the ceiling. Concentrating on your stomach muscles, slowly lower your legs until they touch the ground.

Performing the plank exercise will tighten those abs right up. Flip over onto your stomach. Lift your body as if you are doing a push up but hold the position, tensing your stomach muscles and keeping your body stiff as a board. Hold the position as long as you can; then slowly release down to the ground again.

This final exercise is a something you can do even while working, just by sitting on your trusty exercise ball. Make sure you use your core muscles to stay balanced as you work on your computer.

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