Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Make Top Notch Recovery Drinks


Are you working out harder than ever and realize you need to make some easy, yummy protein recovery drinks for after each workout? You'll want to drink this within sixty minutes of lifting weights or hard cardio so your body can repair itself. You may want to stock up on premade protein recovery drinks for when you workout at the gym or away from home, but these drinks can be whipped up in your kitchen blender.

One perrennial fav is the chocolate gorrilla recovery drink. This is a perfect blend of one full scoop chocolate protein powder, one cup of milk, one small banana, and one quarter cup chocolate ice cream. This drink delivers protein for muscle repair, potassium to soothe cramps, and calories to keep you going. You don’t want to be so worn out by your weight lifting routine that you can’t handle your day without a nap!

If you can't stomach drinking that many calories after a workout, blend up the strawberry dream recovery drink. Combine a half cup of frozen strawberries with a cup of low calorie juice (like Trop 50 juice) and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. You’ll get an icy drink that still delivers your protein along with some valuable vitamin C, with fewer calories. Extra tip: try a low sugar protein powder for this one.

For a jet pack caffeine jolt, make yourself the mocha recovery drink. Blend two tablespoons instant coffee granules or expresso powder with one cup of milk, one scoop of chocolate protein powder, and a half cup of ice chips. If you like a thicker, creamier drink, add in a cup of Greek yogurt (it comes in chocolate)--this will add another big dollop of protein.

Stock up on protein powder, worrying more about ingredients than how they taste. You can always add in yummy ingredients that will blend well with the powder that delivers the best ingredients.

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