Sunday, May 18, 2014

Playing Disc Golf

Playing disc golf is one of the most fun ways to get outside on a nice day and enjoy the outdoors. You can play disc golf alone or in groups, and it is a relaxing and inexpensive sport that you will be able to find courses for in most cities.

It is really quite easy to grasp the basics of the game of disc golf, as it is played in a manner that is very similar to regular golf. Eighteen "holes" make up a disc golf course, and each of these holes has a "par" assigned to it, depending on how difficult it is. You begin a hole by throwing a frisbee down a fairway, and you finish a hole by trying to toss your frisbee into the receptacle at the end. Just like in regular golf, you keep track of your performance throughout the course, marking how many over or under par you finish up.

One of the great things about disc golf is that - while it can take a while to master it - it does not take long to become an adequate player. Another great thing about disc golf is that the initial investment does not require a lot of money either - and it is usually free to play!

When you go to a park where disc golf is played, you will probably see someone with a huge bag packed full of frisbees. If you become a serious enthusiast, you may want to pick up a couple extra frisbees, but when you are starting out, there is no need to have more than just a few! You will need a "driver," a mid-range frisbee, and a "putter" when you are first getting started out with disc golf. With the driver, you will be able to throw the frisbee a long way down the fairway; with the mid-range frisbee, you will be able to hit your "approach" shots; with your putter, you will have a heavier frisbee that is good for when you are up close trying to finish off a hole.

After you have purchased this simple, basic equipment, you will be able to grab a water bottle and hit the disc golf course; in no time at all, you will be a pretty decent player, and will be able to enjoy your time outdoors.

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