Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Few Tips for Growing Great Hair and Nails

There are so many women who dream of having long healthy hair and hard as rock nails. Hair and nails are both made up of the material called keratin. Because of this common protein, both hair and nail growth are affected by many of the same factors. Though our genes dictate that our nails and hair grown at a certain rate, we can make sure that this growth is maximised by having the healthiest nails and hair possible.

A large part of what dictates how healthy our hair and nails are is what we eat. There are a wide range of people that can look at a persons nails and see that there may be dietary deficiencies or illness. Over all our nails should be pretty consistant looking.  There should not be a lot of horizontal bands in our nails, and they should be strong and not flake. Ridges are a symptom of poor nutrition, vitamin deficiency, or illness. To boost your hail and hair growth, you could consider taking a multivitamin that contains biotin and supplemending with fish oil pills.

Now it is necessary to get the nutrients to your nail beds and hair folicles as quickly as possible. This is where some alternative therapy can come in handy. Massage can increase the blood flow in the body, so have a loved one give your scalp and cuticles a massage with a natural oil such as jojoba oil. The increased blood flow in the areas you massage brings a large amount of nutrients to those areas. By increasing your blood flow to your scalp and nailbed, you will be promoting stronger and healthier nails and hair.

You can increase the blood flow, through daily exercise, to these areas. Exercise will also help your over all health which will ultimately help your hair and nail growth also. By addressing things form the inside out, you are more likely to have a healthier, nicer, longer set of nails and hair.

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