Monday, May 12, 2014

How To Engage In "Primal" Workouts

People spend a lot of time trying to get in shape and stay healthy, but one of the mistakes they often make is that they end up settling on a "diet" - something that they will only keep up for a certain amount of time, rather than finding a lifestyle change they can stick with - and as far as workouts go, it is even more difficult to find something they will actually keep up with, as everything they try feels like "working out," instead of feeling like fun!

A "primal workout" goes along with the thoughts and ideas set forth in Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint, emulating the sorts of "workouts" our primal ancestors engaged in; the first step to primal workouts is keeping up your cardio in the same way our early ancestors did, and this includes such things as walking, hiking, and running sprints - as these things most closely emulate the ways in which our primal ancestors lived.

There are a number of things you can do in order to work out your upper body that are considered "primal workouts" - and the best part of all is that all of them are a lot more fun than simply going to the gym and lifting weights; try such things as rowing a boat, tree climbing (or rock climbing), and pull-ups, as all these things imitate the sorts of muscles our ancestors worked out on a regular basis.

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And simply holding heavy objects is one workout that is especially easy to do anywhere - a workout, in fact, that helps you tighten up your muscles more than you could hitting the gym, and that will not work up nearly the same sweat; rather than doing curling or lifting motions, hold heavy objects, and watch how much this works out your muscles!

Of course, there are different things that help different people to work out and stay in shape, but if you have been on the search for something "different" - something that can be fun in addition to being effective - primal workouts are definitely and idea worth keeping in mind!

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