Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do Low Carb Diets Work?


The principle behind low carb diets is that you will lose weight if you eliminate or severely reduce the amount of carbs in your diet because carbohydrates spike blood sugar levels and cause your body to produce insulin. This is because insulin does indeed cause your body to store extra calories as fat. But will a low carb diet really amke you  lose weight? Low carb diets are hailed for their immediacy since you probably will see results right away.

What’s the problem with this diet? Few people can stick to a low carb diet long term, and the diet doesn’t emphasize any kind of portion control. Your body craves carbohydrates because it needs them for energy, and your body doesn't want to convert fat and muscle to energy. People who eat a low carb diet and doesn't continue to build muscle will lose a good deal of muscle in addition to fat, making them lose tone and definition.

What part of this diet is worth holding onto? The diet highlights the fact that Americans tend to eat too many carbs, especially in the form of refined sugar and starches, so limiting carbs is a good idea—to a certain extent. However, your body needs carbohydrates if you are to perform well athletically, so a low or no carb diet will leave you feeling lethargic, which makes it difficult to fulfill the exercise part of your fitness plan.

What's the best diet solution? It's wise to reduce your simple carb consumption, eating small amounts of complex carbs instead. Increase your consumption of fruit, vegetables, protein, and fatty fish. Make sure your diet plan incorporates exercise, including resistance training, since you need to build muscles, not lose muscles. Pay attention to the following: portion control, calories, and quality of food, all in addition to exercise.

You want to pursue diet and weight loss programs that are focused on long-term sustainability, but short term results.

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