Friday, May 16, 2014

Osteoporosis and bone health

Osteo and bone health are gaining a lot of attention now, in comparison to previous years. This is great because it is such a painful and debilitating disease of the aging. Osteo can be slowed down if you recognize it early enough and take action, which can reduce the risks of suffering from early onset.

So what is osteoporosis? This is a disease of the bones where the cells that generate new bone slow down enough that the bone is unable to reproduce as fast as the bone is being lost. This creates weak / spongy looking bones, which are prone to breaking. Osteo is a silent disease, most people are unware they are suffering bone loss until they start to break bones for no reason. Some of the breaks can be incredibly bad, like vertebrae in your back. Osteo is incredibly painful, and can hasten death in some individuals.

So what can we do to deal with osteoporosis? Nutrition is believed ot be a large factor in the development of osteoporosis. Not getting enough vitamin D and calcium are believed to be contributing factors to osteoporosis. Make sure to consume foods with hig calcium, there is even a great cookbook which features these called Calcium Rich Recipies. This book provides a great starting point to making sure you have enough calcium in your diet. You should also look at dietary suppliments for increasing your levels of calcium. Ensure has a very convenient drink if you don’t like taking pills.

Also there is indication that being active can also help through your life and increases bone density while you are young. A bit of moderate weigt lifting can go a long way. It goes back to the saying if you don't use it you lose it. If you don’t put stress on them when you are younger, you will not build as dense of bone.

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